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Mar. 21, 2013

About MSDSplus

MSDSplus is a basical information transmission sheet for information on chemicals contained in product the JAMP recommends; it is used in order to transfer the information about the JAMP specified substances, such as " names of laws regulating the substances", "existence or non-existence for the JAMP specified substances to be transmitted", "substance names", "CAS Number.", "concentration" to downstream users (DU).

When chemical products are processed into preparations or articles by DU, the concentrations and chemical structures of their ingredients are often changed due to chemical reactions, condensations or dilutions. As the content and extent of the change largely depend on process conditions of DU, it is impossible for upstream companies who produce chemicals to predict precisely the status of articles after processing, such as the concentration and chemical structure of chemical substances in the articles.

Consequently, it is necessary for each chemicals manufacturer to transfer information about the JAMP specified substances to be transmitted in their chemical products to DU with (M)SDS and MSDSplus. While information about chemicals is transferred with"(M)SDS" and"MSDSplus", information about articles is transferred with"article information sheet (AIS)"based on information from"(M)SDS"and"MSDSplus".

Cited from JAMP (Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium) Web Site


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