Kao to Run a Booth at China-Japan Green Expo 2011

May. 20, 2011

-- Introducing Kao's Environmental Activities in China under the Theme of 'eco together' --

Kao Group company Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd. (Chairman, President, and CEO: Shinichiro Hiramine) will operate a booth at China-Japan Green Expo 2011, to be held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, China, June 1 through June 3.

Placing ecology at the center of management, Kao Group announced the Kao Environmental Statement in June 2009, and has been proactively undertaking its business activities based on ecological perspectives. As the theme of its Environmental Statement, the Group is upholding "eco together" activities and proposing more ecological approaches working together with various stakeholders, including consumers, throughout product cycles, from raw material procurement and production, to distribution, sales, use, and disposal.

At the China-Japan Green Expo 2011 venue, Kao will introduce various environmental initiatives it is undertaking in China with panels, visual presentations, and products on exhibit under the theme of "eco together."

Kao booth (image)

Main items on exhibit

・Exhibits explaining Kao's environmental initiatives in energy conservation and waste materials reduction at individual production plants in Shanghai that manufacture consumer and chemical products
・Consumer products including Attack Instant Clean Liquid laundry detergent, which allows water-saving by decreasing rinse cycles and laundry time with innovative cleaning systems developed through Kao's proprietary environmental technologies
・Chemical products, such as plant-based polylactide resin, deinking agent for recycling of used paper, and EG Runner (pulp mold runner), that contribute to CO2 reduction and recycling of resources

Under the theme of "energy conservation, resource saving, and effective use of energy," China-Japan Green Expo 2011 aims to promote innovation in technologies and development of industries that promote environment-related activities in Japan and China. A total of approximately 80 organizations including the Japanese and Chinese governments, companies in both countries, and NGOs will participate in the exhibition.

・China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) ・NPO Japan-China Green Expo Management (NPO established by Nippon Keidanren)

Official Website for China-Japan Green Expo 2011

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