CSR Activities

Kao Indonesia Chemicals has been joining Responsible Care in Indonesia (Komite Nasional - Responsible Care in Indonesia) since 2002. By joining this Responsible Care, in year 2009 KIC has been decreasing some index status in environmental for almost 50% compare to year 2002.

Index 2002 2009
Waste Water Released 4.5 m3/ton products 2 m3/ton products
CODcr Released 0.40 kg/ton products 0.16 kg/ton products
Energy Consumption 150 l/ton products 100 l/ton products

Another index which has been reduced is occupational health & safety, the accident has been reducing from 8 cases in year 2003 to 0 case in year 2008.
The above result could be achieved because best activity from all parties and also cooperation with KN-RCI through self assessment process, verification and best practice sharing from all member of KN-RCI. In Responsible Care Award 2007, KIC got the award for Distribution Code (Second Winner). While in year 2009, KIC also got Silver Award.

Starting from year 2005, KIC has been implementing Global Harmonize System (GHS) and actively help KN-RCI to socialize GHS in Indonesia through workshop and training.

We also company which has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified. With these certifications, we ensure that our products meet high quality standard and environmental friendly.

Measures to Contribute to Society

Company's donation to give milk for children (kindergarten) around PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals

1. Posyandu Dahlia - Desa Wadas, Telukjambe.
2. Posyandu Melati - Desa Margakaya, Telukjambe.
3. Posyandu Kenanga 2 - Desa Puseurjaya, Telukjambe.

Every 2 (two ) months PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals has always held the distribution of milk to the children of the kindergarten in order to improve and maintain the health of child development.

Goat Donation for Eid Adha “Idul Qurban”

Every year on Eid Adha, PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals always provide assistance in the form of sacrificial animal donations. This year PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals provides
1 goats to the representatives of the people in the Wadas Village – Karawang

Visit from School and University

1. Technical University of Indonesia; 30 students and 5 advisors/lecture
2. College Student of chemicals AKA Bogor; 62 students and 5 advisors/lecture
3. Senior high school SMKN 2 Sukoharjo; 103 students and 10 advisors/lecture
--> it's potential for recruitment new employee

To increase knowledge about the application of industrial engineering and information about the chemical, PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals always provides the opportunity for schools that want to conduct a study tour.
In this activity submitted regarding training and basic information about the chemistry or chemical engineering, hopes this activity may be useful for all participants

Blood Donation

Company make a activity blood donation for support Red Cross Karawang City
To help victims of natural disasters in specialized in the supply of blood, PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross every three months always regularly hold blood donation.

Approach to Environment Issues

Tree planting event

Celebrating the World Environmental Day With Ministry of Trade Mr. Saleh Husein.

In commemoration of the World Environment Day, PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals participated by carrying out tree planting in the region around the company is also in the area of the company.
The climax of World Environment Day also planted together with Ministry of Trade Mr. Saleh Husein.

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