Visco Top, Rheological Modifier for Concrete, Awarded 2008 National Commendation for Invention

July 15, 2008

Kao was recently awarded the 2008 National Commendation for Invention, presented by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. The commendation, originating in 1919, has had the honor of receiving the imperial bounty by virtue of the Imperial Household and is awarded annually to persons merited with the successful completion or application of an outstanding invention, making it a highly respected honor within the field of science and technology.

Visco Top, a rheological modifier resulting from Kao’s original technology, was praised as having excellent potential as a contributor to civil engineering and building industries, thus Kao was awarded the 21st Century Encouragement of Invention Prize and the 21st Century Contribution to Invention Prize.

Visco Top is the world’s first high-performance specialty viscosity agent to take advantage of the viscoelasticity offered by a higher-order structure (threadlike micelle) produced through the combination of two types of surfactant. The addition of Visco Top to cement slurry, mortar or concrete prevents the separation of substances which occurs when introduced to water, greatly enhancing civil engineering works at difficult sites that are adversely affected by watersides or spring water, such as reclaimed ground or tunnels. Such use of Visco Top results in highly reliable construction and greatly shortened construction periods.

Kao continues to foster such technologies and develop products that contribute to a diverse range of industries.

President Ozaki and three Kao researchers with spouses after the award ceremony in the Cabinet Office
Visco Top research scene (Techno-Chemical Research Center)
Kao Group