Kao Exhibited “ECO-PRODUCTS 2009”

Jan. 15, 2010

Kao made a presentation at "ECO-PRODUCTS 2009" held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 10th to 12th 2009.

This annual exhibition is one of the largest environmental one in Japan. Companies, government, citizen's group and other parties transmit the information with the goal of creating a sustainable society by promotion of eco-products, prevention of global warming and realization of decreasing CO2 society

For the 11th time this year, "ECO-PRODUCTS 2009 - ECO STYLE FAIR" was held based on the theme of "More Questions about Japanese Power - the First Year of Social Power." More than 700 companies and organizations presented a variety of visions aiming to create a bright future for the environment with gathering together social power by display, seminar, symposium.

Kao announced new CI and with a corporate message "Enriching lives, in harmony with nature" and environmental statement "eco together" on June of last year.

Under this theme, Kao propose development of water- and energy- conserving products Attack Neo, ultra concentrated liquid detergent and introduce the social action program such as green activities and teachers' fellowship.

At Kao's chemical booth, eco-products for industrial use contributing "CO2 reduction" and "resource recycling" such as deinking agent for recycled paper and modified polylactide resin having equal property and processability with commodity plastics were introduced by video show and final products.

Visitors to the Kao's booth gave both encouraging and stimulating comments, such as "I want to use more refill and replacement products as part of the eco-activities I can do at home," "I would like to see the development of more environment-friendly products" and "As an individual, have no direct connection to kao chemical products, but I now see that Kao is contributing to environmental protection in many areas."

The total number of visitor was 182,500 for three days. It was 8,600 higher than the previous time. For their outside school lesson, many elementary and junior high school students and many families were found in this time. Increasing awareness of environmental issues could be felt.

Kao will continue to contribute to the protection of the earth's environment by maintaining our protective development of environment-friendly products, as well as encouraging the consumer to purchase our products by promoting our total approach to the environment.

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Kao exhibition booth surrounded by many enthusiastic visitors
Eco-Products for industrial use shown at Kao chemical booth
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