Kao to Run a Booth at China-Japan Green Expo 2012

Sep. 14, 2012

-- Introducing Kao's Environmental Activities in China underthe Theme of 'eco together' --

China-Japan Green Expo 2012 was postponed.

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Michitaka Sawada) and Kao Group company Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd. (Chairman, President and CEO: Toshiharu Numata) will jointly operate a booth at China-Japan Green Expo 2012, to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Shanghai, China) September 20 through September 22.

Placing ecology at the center of management, Kao Group announced the Kao Environmental Statement in June 2009, and has been proactively undertaking its business activities based on ecological perspectives. As the theme of its Environmental Statement, the Group is upholding "eco together" activities, and is proposing more ecological approaches and working together with various stakeholders, including consumers, throughout product cycles, from raw material procurement and production, to distribution, sales, use and final disposal.

At China-Japan Green Expo 2012, Kao will introduce various environmental initiatives it is undertaking in China with panels, visual presentations and products on exhibit under the theme of "eco together."

Kao booth (image)

Main items on exhibit


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