Kao Group Participates and Exhibits at the 7th World Surfactants Congress in Paris

July 15, 2008

Kao Group participated in the lectures and poster session of the 7th World Surfactants Congress (CESIO 2008) held at the Palais des Congres in Paris from June 22 to 25. Our presentations and posters were based on our latest research developments, while our exhibit featured our unique surfactant-related products.

Every four years a member of the European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates (CESIO) hosts the international congress; this year’s host was the French Association for Surfactants (ASPA).

As reflected in the theme of CESIO congress president’s keynote speech "Safe and Sustainable,‥the main theme for the 2008 congress, "Surfactants, the key to your sustainable applications‥attracted over 800 researchers and businesspersons from every corner of the world for the opportunity to advance the exchange professional and technical knowledge and experience.

Kao Chemicals Europe, a Kao Group company, provided three oral presentations and two poster presentations. Of particular interest among visitors was the hair conditioner base AMIDET APA-22. Researchers showed particular interest in two key AMIDET APA-22 features?minimal irritation to the dermis and positive contribution to the environment owing to high biodegradability.

Kao Chemicals Europe also sponsored a booth presenting AKYPO, EMANON XLF and other products featuring Kao’s high performance and excellent safety attributes. More than 150 visitors stopped by during the congress to receive samples and pamphlets.

In consideration of the environment, the Kao Group will continue to manufacture and provide products that contribute to the future of the industrial fields.

More than 800 researchers and businesspersons gathered in the main venue.
Kao representative introducing the features of Kao chemical products to visitors

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