EG RUNNER, Paper based runner for casting, Awarded “Environmental Technology Prize” of the 41st technical commendation of Japan Chemical Industry Association

July 10, 2009

Kao was recently awarded “Environmental Technology Prize” of the 41st technical commendation, presented by Japan Chemical Industry Association. This commendation, originating in 1968, is historic one to be established aiming the promotion of technical development of chemical industry. Especially “Environmental Technology Prize” is awarded to technologies with marked effect on reduction of environmental load.

Casting is a metal working process by which molten metal at about 1,400℃ is usually poured into a sand mold. Casting runner, a part of mold, is a lead-in tube of pouring molten metal. Conventional casting runner made of ceramic have a number of problems of that heaviness, difficulty of cut process and large amount of waste products after casting.

Although made of recycled waste-paper, EG RUNNER withstands operating temperature of up to about 1,400℃ thanks to combined materials like heat resistant resins and fibers. EG RUNNER improves a workability of casting by lightening a tithe weight as compared with conventional type and reduces an environmental load by drastic cutting of a sixteenth part of waste volume as residue after casting.

EG RUNNER is now favorable sale at home and abroad. Kao-Quaker Co., Ltd. sells this product in Japan. Kao will continue to contribute to the protection of the earth´s environment through the sales promotion of EG RUNNER.

Kao´s “EG Runner” based recycled waste-paper withstands up to about 1,400℃.
Condition of “Kao´s EG Runner” just after casting process.
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