Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai Receives Energy Conservation Award from Minhang District, Shanghai City

Jan. 15, 2010

Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai, which manufactures shampoo and detergent materials, industrial-use surfactants, concrete dispersants, foundry chemicals, light oil additives and other products mainly for the Chinese market, was recognized in September for its energy-saving efforts, receiving the "2009 Minhang District Award for Energy-saving Technical Modifications" from the Economic Information Council of Minhang District, Shanghai City.

With the recent heightening of worldwide awareness for the prevention of global warming, China is reputed to be the biggest emitter of CO2 gases in 2008. To remedy the situation, China enacted an Energy Conservation Law in April 2008, reinforcing low-energy consumption activities throughout the country. Since the start of operations in 1997, Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai has steadily increased production quantities each year, and consequently, has significant increased levels of energy consumption. As of 2008, the entire company has worked together to reduce CO2 emissions and implement energy-saving activities.

Initiatives are being implemented from many aspects largely based on improvements proposed by employees, including reducing valve leakage such as steam and N2, recovering exhaust heat and improving the basic manufacturing configuration to streamline processes. With over 70 initiatives and activities in place, Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai achieved an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 1,600 tons in 2008.

The Economic Information Council initiated the award this year to commend corporations actively involved in energy-saving measures. The primary screenings were held in all nine towns within the Minhang District. Four companies were then selected from the finalists in the primary screenings as the award winners. The rigorous screening process involved several presentations by each candidate corporation as well as several factory inspections by government specialists. Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai was commended for achieving an annual reduction of 903 tons in CO2 emissions through five major projects, including heat exhaust recovery from sulfation air dryers and installation of inverters in sulfation blowers.

Kao aims to promote energy-saving initiatives on a global level based on our motto, "less energy with more Yoki-Monozukuri."

View of Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai establishment
Certificate of commendation received from Minhang District
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