Kao Group presented at “The 40th CED Annual Meeting 2010” in Barcelona SPAIN

July. 12, 2010

Kao Corporation S.A. made oral and poster presentations at “The 40th CED Annual Meeting” in Barcelona at April 14,15 2010.

This meeting is held every year sponsored by CED (Comite Espanyol de Detergencia, Tensionactivos y Afines). It was founded in 1957, an independent and not-for-profit organization based in Barcelona. CED is constituted by National Associations and companies that belong to industrial sectors relating to Detergents, Cosmetics, surfactant raw materials, and other related materials.

In this meeting, more than 150 persons participated from major universities, research institutes, and major detergent and cosmetic companies and surfactant makers. During the period, 18 oral presentations and several poster sessions were done with active discussion.

Kao Corporation S.A. provided the following two presentations. Kao Corporation S.A. as member of this standing committee, try always to present our activities and promote our participation in the future too.

Kao Corporation S.A. presented themes.
(Texts are published on “Communications of 40th Annual Meeting of CED”)

  1. “El CO2 deja huella and CO2 marks”

    Detergency industry, highlighting the proliferation of carbon footprint labeling in consumer products together with the standardization of methodologies for its estimation.

  2. “Akypo - Optimizing Coacervate Formation”

    Recently it has been found that Alkyl Ether Carboxylic acids and their salts enhance coacervate formation. These coacervates provide higher deposition on skin and hair of cationic polymers and hydrophobic raw materials such as oils and silicones.

Kao Corporation S.A. presented “CO2 deja huella and CO2 marks”
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