Pilipinas Kao (Philippines) Mangrove Rehabilitation Project Receives Award from Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Jan. 20, 2011

Pilipinas Kao, Inc. produces a wide variety of oleochemical products based on palm oil, such as fatty alcohol, refined glycerin, and tertiary amines, exporting to customers within the Kao Group and worldwide. Pilipinas Kao was recently recognized for its efforts in the restoration of mangrove ecosystems, receiving a Plaque of Appreciation from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which oversees the protection, restoration, development and preservation of Philippine coastal resources.

Areas forested by mangroves serve as fertile spawning and feeding grounds as well as optimal habitats for precious species of marine life and are often referred to as "cradles of biodiversity." As mangroves also function as a natural barrier, lessening coastal erosion from forceful waves, they help counteract increasing CO2 emissions and continued global warming.

In an effort to protect the mangrove ecosystem, Pilipinas Kao launched the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project in the Kao factory's coastal surroundings as well as in Barangay Luz Banzon and the Solana municipality. Commemorating World Wetlands Day in February 2010, Pilipinas Kao joined the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in planting mangroves. In recognition of such initiatives, the company was awarded a plaque at a ceremony on September 25, 2010.

Encouraged by the healthy growth of trees planted on World Wetlands Day, Kao continues its mangrove reforestation efforts, contributing to the preservation of local ecosystems. Kao launched the Creating Forests for Everyone project as part of the "'eco together' with society" initiatives supporting the official Kao Environmental Statement announced in June 2009. Pilipinas Kao will participate through its mangrove rehabilitation activities, which reinforce the company's overall environmental protection efforts.

Plaque of Appreciation awarded by the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Mangrove saplings planted along the coast near the Pilipinas Kao factory
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