Selection from Industry Area

Kao chemical products can be searched from industrial field.

Plastics / Rubbers

We offer a broad range of products, including polymerization chemicals for polymer manufacturing, processing additives for plastics and rubbers, and functional improvers for plastics.

Color Industries

We offer a variety of colorant chemicals, providing value added functions to the very essentials-aesthetic traits, workability and protective attributes.

Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals / Laundry Detergents and Households Cleaners

Fatty chemicals and surfactants are used as raw materials for Kao's toiletries and pharmaceuticals; our integrated manufacturing system starts with natural fats and oils to produce high quality finished products. We work hard to offer safe and excellent products by using state-of-the-art technology and advanced facilities.


Kao's agrochemicals are based on research ranging from the basics to applications development and covering the entire work process from raw materials to product manufacturing. In our continual strive toward improvement, we constantly consider the environmental impact of our activities from the development and production of agrochemicals to their use and final disposal.

Information / Electronics

We offer a broad range of high-performance cleaners and chemicals that meet the requirements of environmental issues and as well as constantly changing semiconductor technology.


We offer a full line-up of products developed with Kao's original technology to meet the diverse needs of the sophisticated technologies of civil engineering and construction fields.

Metal Industry


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