Polyoxyethylene oleyl ether

Product Name Chemical NameAppearanceApplications
EMULGEN 404Polyoxyethylene oleyl etherLiquidAntistatic agent, defoamer, Emulsifier for water-soluble cutting oil.
EMULGEN 408Polyoxyethylene oleyl etherLiquidEmulsifier for emulsion polymerization.
EMULGEN 409PVPolyoxyethylene oleyl etherLiquidEmulsifier for cosmetics, Emulsifier for water-soluble cutting oil.
EMULGEN 420Polyoxyethylene oleyl etherSolidEmulsifier for cosmetics, Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization and for waxes.
EMULGEN 430Polyoxyethylene oleyl etherSolidEmulsifier for emulsion polymerization, Level dyeing agent

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