Sorbitan monolaurate

Product Name Chemical NameAppearanceApplications
EMASOL L-10VSorbitan monolaurateLiquidEmulsifiers for foods, Antistatic agent for plastics of safety food additives
EMASOL O-10VSorbitan monooleateLiquidEmulsifiers for foods.
KAOPAN SP-L-10Sorbitan monolaurateLiquidEmulsifier and conditioning agent (low substantive effect)
RHEODOL SP-L10Sorbitan monolaurateLiquidEmulsifier for cosmetics, Emulsifiers and dispersants for pigments, Emulsifiers for lubricants
RHEODOL SUPER SP-L10Sorbitan monolaurateLiquidEmulsifier for cosmetics, Lubricant for synthetic resin, Emulsifier and dispersant for color materials, Antifogging agent for synthetic resin films, Defoaming agent, Emulsifier for silicone resin.

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