Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether

Product Name Chemical NameAppearanceHLBApplications
EMULGEN 103Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherLiquid8.1Emulsifier for cosmetics
EMULGEN 104PPolyoxyethylene lauryl etherLiquid9.6Emulsifier for cosmetics
EMULGEN 105Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherLiquid9.7General emulsifier
EMULGEN 106Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherLiquid10.5General emulsifier like for cosmetics
EMULGEN 108Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherLiquid12.1General cleaner, Emulsifier for water soluble cutting oil.
EMULGEN 109PPolyoxyethylene lauryl etherLiquid13.6Emulsifier for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
EMULGEN 120Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherSolid15.3Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.
EMULGEN 123PPolyoxyethylene lauryl etherSolid16.9Emulsifier for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
EMULGEN 130KPolyoxyethylene lauryl etherFlakes18.1Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.
EMULGEN 147Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherSolid16.3Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.
EMULGEN 150Polyoxyethylene lauryl etherSolid18.4Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.
EMULGEN 210PPolyoxyethylene cetyl etherSolid10.7Emulsifier for cosmetics etc.
EMULGEN 220Polyoxyethylene cetyl etherSolid14.2Emulsifier for cosmetics etc.
EMULGEN 306PPolyoxyethylene stearyl etherWax9.4Emulsifier for cosmetics and wax etc.
EMULGEN 320PPolyoxyethylene stearyl etherSolid13.9Emulsifier for cosmetics and wax etc.
EMULGEN 350Polyoxyethylene stearyl etherSolid17.8Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.
EMULGEN 404Polyoxyethylene oleyl etherLiquid8.8Antistatic agent, defoamer, Emulsifier for water-soluble cutting oil.

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