Plastics / Rubbers

We offer a broad range of products, including polymerization chemicals for polymer manufacturing, processing additives for plastics and rubbers, and functional improvers for plastics.


This line-up of high performance products is indispensable to the fabrication and quality improvement of various kinds of plastics.

Antifogging agents

We offer a wide range of products meeting the diverse needs of plastics manufacturing such as initial effect manifestation, high temperature resistance, effect stability and environmental responsiveness.

Plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride

This high performance product line offers excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance and electrical properties, applicable for films, synthetic leathers, sheets, electric wires and various extruding parts.

Antistatic agents

Kao's antistatic agents developed with our surface science groundwork prevent static stain adhesion and electric impedance often occurring in the molding line.

Anionic emulsifiers for Emulsion Polymerization

We offer various emulsifiers, meeting the diverse needs of poly cations and other additives, including polymerization stability and low foaming characteristics.

Nonionic emulsifiers for Emulsion Polymerization

Our nonionic emulsifiers boast polymerization stability, soap free benefits and many more attributes.

Modified monomer (Special ester)


Chemicals for rubber

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