Component Classification

Anionic surfactants

This is a great line-up of products featuring low skin irritancy, high stability in hard water and good foaming ability, particularly useful as a base for shampoos and body cleansers, as well as a foam booster in dentifrice.

Nonionic surfactants

Our assortment of nonionic surfactants feature low skin irritancy and high safety levels, performing as emulsifiers, dispersants, foam boosters and thickening agents.

Cationic surfactants

Our cationic surfactant products serve as key materials in hair conditioners as well as disinfectants.

Amphoteric surfactants

Highly applicable as mild and low irritancy foam boosters and thickening agents.

Fatty alcohols

These alcohols are used as emulsion stabilizers for creams and lotions, ointment bases and cream rinse additives. They give a smooth touch to cosmetic bases, and are useful as co-emulsifiers and consistency agents.


With a wide range of powerful attributes, our polyols are used as moisture-retainers, viscosity controllers and humectants in creams and lotions. These can also be used as a sweetening agent in dentifrices and a diluent base in pharmaceuticals.

Fatty acids

These fatty acids are used as oil components in creams and lotions. They are valuable as soap bases for facial and body cleansers.

Ester oil / waxes

Our high quality oil components are made from refined raw materials, offered in a wide variety of forms, from liquid to solid.

Modified silicone (Cosmetic use)

This is a modified silicone, which has a hydrophilically functional group in its chain. It is a preferred material for shampoos, body and facial cleaners, and skin care products, because of its good emulsion stability, its good dispersibility for inorganic materials, and its high adsorptive property to hair and skin even during cleaning.

Premix (Cosmetic use)

We offer a variety of premixed products for shampoos, facial and body cleaners. These are effective for easy blending, providing features to formulations.

Modified cellulose (Cationic cellulose for Cosmetic use)

Cationic celluloses are indispensable for providing softness to conditioning shampoos. General type and concentrated one are available.

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