Product Name Chemical NameProperties
ALDEHYDE C-6n-HexanalFatty, green
ALDEHYDE C-8n-OctanalHarsh, fatty, citrus
ALDEHYDE C-9n-NonanalFatty-floral waxy odor
ALDEHYDE C-10n-DecanalStrong, citrus peel odor
ALDEHYDE C-11 UNDECYLn-UndecanalPleasant waxy-floral
ALDEHYDE C-111 LEN10-UndecenalPowerful waxy rosy odor
ALDEHYDE C-12 LAURYLn-DodecanalWax y-herbal clear floral
ALDEHYDE C-12 MNA2-Methyl-undecanalPowerful dry amber like odor
AMYL CINNAMIC ALDEHYDEα-Amyl cinnamic aldehydeFloral with Jasmine character
HEXYL CINNAMIC ALDEHYDEα-Hexyl cinnamic aldehydeFloral with Jasmine character
GAMMA NONALACTONE4-Pentyl-4-butanolideCoconut cream odor
GAMMA DECALACTONE4-Hexyl-4-butanolideFruity peach odor
GAMMA UNDECALACTONE4-Heptyl-4-butanolideFruity apricot odor
MDJMethyl (2-pentyl-3-oxocyclopentyl)acetateFloral, jasmine-like

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