Pulp and paper industry

Kao is continuously engaged in the development of new materials and innovative technologies in order to help preserve the environment, such as recycling waste paper and the beneficial use of raw pulp.

Deinking agents

Kao's de-inking agents, developed with our surface and fat science technologies, are the best in terms of flotation-type de-inking systems, and enable production of high grade recycled paper. We offer a variety of de-inking agents for flotation systems, including products for all types of used paper.

Bulking agents (Pulp and paper industry)

Our bulking agents enable production of paper of normal thickness from a much lower amount of virgin pulp, greatly contributing to saving resources. In addition to this bulking effect, these agents improve paper properties such as whiteness, transparency and elasticity.

Dispersants (Pulp and paper industry)

We offer a variety of dispersants for inorganic powders like calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium oxide in water, for thermosensitive products like developers and sensitizers.

Anti-foaming agents (Pulp and paper industry)

This broad range of de-foaming agents are for use in pulp and paper making, coating, and water treatment, and other processes.

Detergents (Pulp and paper industry)

Our full array of detergents supports a wide variety of installations and equipment.

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