We offer a full line-up of products developed with Kao's original technology to meet the diverse needs of the sophisticated technologies of civil engineering and construction fields.

Chemicals for concrete

We offer a variety of chemical admixtures such as superplasticizers, air-entraining agents, and mold release agents, meeting a diverse range of applications and requirements.

Admixtures for gypsum board

This line up is specifically for use in gypsum board manufacturing, with foaming agents that ensure stable and high-quality foam as well as water-reducing agents that help improve production efficiency.

For pre-mixture concrete (Powder type superplasticizers)

This is a powder typed superplasticizer, suitable for premixed products.

Admixtures for ready mix-concrete

We offer various admixtures for ready-mixed concrete, as fluidizers, including air entraining superplasticizer with several performances and shapes responding to a diverse applications and requirements.

Additives for asphalt

Our assortment of chemicals for road construction includes emulsifiers for asphalt emulsion, and the anti-stripping agent GRIPPER for hot asphalt.

Chemicals for civil engineering

We offer admixtures for grout that improve the fluidity of cement milk as well as the high-performance specialty thickener VISCO TOP for excellent visco-elasticity in construction, maintenance and repair applications such as bored pre-cast pile method, grouting and waterproofing, and applications for anti-washout, underwater concrete and lightweight concrete as well.

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