Food Industry

Over our long company history, we have been able to accumulate rich experiences and extensive knowledge, enabling us to constantly and consistently offer high quality products and excellent service and respond positively to the diverse needs of the consumer.

Release agents

Popular release agents for drops, candy and chewing gum.


These are permitted to use as no usage restrictions by Food sanitation law.(Except Polysorbate)
Polysorbates are to be used pursuant to the standard items and the usage standard of Food sanitation law.

Functional oils

MCT (medium chain fatty acid triglyceride) is a useful food ingredient due to its unique physical and physiological characteristics. MCTs are utilized in a broad range of applications: storage stabilizing agent for cooking products, confectioneries, and dry fruits; release agent in drops; flavor diluents; energy resource in sports drink; unique ingredient used in calorie supplements.

Food additives

We offer a variety of additives for the food industry such as emulsifiers, foaming agents, texture and volume improvers, and anti-staling agents for breads and cakes.

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