Product Name Chemical NameAppearanceApplications
AGRISOL FL-100FMixture of polyol derivative and carbonate type polymer.LiquidDispersant and Thickening agent for agrochemicals flowables
AGRISOL FL-104FAPolyol derivativeLiquidDispersant for agrochemicals flowables
AGRISOL FL-2017Salt polyoxyethlene phenyl aryl ether sulfateLiquidDispersant for agrochemicals flowables
AGRISOL G-200Salt polyacrylateLiquidPolymer type collapsing agent for granules
AGRISOL KL-506Copolymer of vinyl acetate and anionLiquidCrystal retardant for flowable
AGRISOL PS-50Copolymer of sodium alkyl aryl sulfonateLiquidCrystal retardant for flowable
AGRISOL W-150Anionic and nonionic surfactantsPowderWetting agent and dispersant for wettable powders

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