Product Name Chemical NameApplicationsProperties
ALDEHYDE C-10n-DecanalEnhancement of citrus top noteStrong, citrus peel odor
ALDEHYDE C-11 UNDECYLn-UndecanalCitrus top notePleasant waxy-floral
ALDEHYDE C-111 LEN10-UndecenalVarious type fragrancesPowerful waxy rosy odor
ALDEHYDE C-12 LAURYLn-DodecanalVarious type fragrancesWax y-herbal clear floral
ALDEHYDE C-12 MNA2-Methyl-undecanalVarious type fragrancesPowerful dry amber like odor
ALDEHYDE C-6n-HexanalMainly used in a flavor compositionFatty, green
ALDEHYDE C-8n-OctanalFloral or citrus top noteHarsh, fatty, citrus
ALDEHYDE C-9n-NonanalA waxy floral note in floral typeFatty-floral waxy odor

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