Product Name AppearanceApplications
CLEANTHROUGH 612colorless to brown clear liquid
CLEANTHROUGH 618Colorless to light yellow liquid
CLEANTHROUGH 750HNLiquidDeflux cleaner. Printed wiring board, BGA, CSP, PGA.
CLEANTHROUGH 750HSLiquidDeflux cleaner. Usage: PCB, general BGA, CPS, PGA
CLEANTHROUGH 750JLiquidHigh density IC package, BGA, CSP, WLCSP, PIP, POP.
CLEANTHROUGH 760Deflux cleaner for surface mounting(SMT)High removal peroformance for no-clean flux and other fluxes with cleanining difficulty
CLEANTHROUGH 770ADeflux cleaner for IC substrate with Cu OSP padsEnables prevention of discolor of OSP pads after deflux cleaning
CLEANTHROUGH A-06AStripper for dry film resists. Applicable to SAP/MSAP and Cu pillars with various thickness.High fine-pattern stripping ability and quick stripping speed.
CLEANTHROUGH A-11DReady-to-use type stripper for dry film resists for semiconductors.Reduced damage to both metals and resins.
CLEANTHROUGH A-19LiquidDry film resist stripper for printed circuit boards(PCB), build-up PCBs including anylayer type, IC substrates
CLEANTHROUGH A-27ELiquidDry film resist stripper for printed circuit boards(PCB), flexible PCBs(TAB, COF), ultra fine-pattern IC substrates
CLEANTHROUGH KS-1000LiquidCleaner for slicing process. Usage: Silicones, Chemical semiconductors, Ceramics, Crystals, Quarts.
CLEANTHROUGH KS-2010LiquidPromote of effect of various chemicals like SC-1
CLEANTHROUGH KS-3030LiquidCleaning for minute particles and metal ions on wafer and photo-mask, etc.
CLEANTHROUGH KS-3053LiquidCleaning for minute particles and metal ions on wafer and photo-mask, etc.
CLEANTHROUGH KS-7008BLiquidRemover for resist or polymer forming transistor electrode.
CLEANTHROUGH KS-7405LiquidVarious wiring (Al, W wiring), Remover of polymer after etching at micro via hole.
CLEANTHROUGH LC-841LiquidCleaner for residual liquid crystal on devices and cell gap after injection and sealing of liquid crystal.
CLEANTHROUGH MC-02Metal mask(stencil) cleaner for solder pastes and fluxes. No rinsing needed.Cleaning and rinsing can be done at once. High cleaning and drying characteristic enhance reliability of printing
CLEANTHROUGH LC-940LiquidCleaner for residual liquid crystal on devices. Suitable cleaner for STN and TFT
CLEANTHROUGH PA-900LiquidSuperior to remove high molecular weighted resin, like plastic lens resin adhesive to a glass mold. Excellent detergency will be expected using together CLEANTHROUGH PA-900 and CLEANTHROUGH PG-970.
CLEANTHROUGH RI-60LiquidAnti-bleeding agent of adhesives used in ceramic IC substrates
CLEANTHROUGH RI-100Liquidfor anti-water mark/removing water
CLEANTHROUGH TW-100LiquidLiquid crystal, processing oil, wax and fine inorganic particles.

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