Product Name Chemical NameAppearanceApplications
ELEC ACAmphoteric surfactantLiquidSurface coating typed antistatic agent for all kind of plastics
ELEC EANonionic surfactantLiquidHDPE
ELEC FAnionic surfactantPasteGeneral antistatic agent
ELEC HS-12NNonionic surfactantNeedlesPP injection
ELEC HS-12PANonionic surfactantSolidPP injection
ELEC ME SeriesAnionic surfactants blendLiquidfor various functional films (anti-static agent for coating materials)
ELEC PCAnionic surfactantPowderPS, ABS, Rigid PVC.
ELEC PC-3Anionic surfactantpowderPBT, PET.
ELEC QNCationic surfactantLiquidExternal type anti-static agent for all types of plastics.
ELEC TS-11BNonionic surfactantGranulesOPP
ELEC TS-13BNonionic surfactantGranulesLDPE, PP
ELEC TS-2BNonionic surfactantGranulesPP
ELEC TS-2PANonionic surfactantSolidPP
ELEC TS-3BNonionic surfactantGranulesLDPE, PP sheet, CPP
ELEC TS-5Nonionic surfactantPowderPP, PVC
ELEC TS-6BNonionic surfactantGranulesOPP
ELEC TS-7BNonionic surfactantGranulesL-LDPE
ELEC TS-8BNonionic surfactantGranulesL-LDPE
ELEC TS-9BNonionic surfactantGranulesL-LDPE

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