Product Name AppearanceApplicationsProperties
ELESTMASTER 1215PelletsPPExcellent quick effect and good sustention
ELESTMASTER 320PelletsPP injectionOptimum to injection use.
ELESTMASTER 326PelletsPP injectionMultipurpose type
ELESTMASTER A-1015PelletsABSControl a decline of HDT.
ELESTMASTER HE-110PelletsPEMultipurpose type
ELESTMASTER HE-510PelletsPENo-yellowing type
ELESTMASTER LL-10PelletsPEMultipurpose type
ELESTMASTER PP-410PelletsPPMultipurpose type
ELESTMASTER PP-425PelletsPPExcellent quick effect
ELESTMASTER SB-10PelletsInternal type master batch of antistatic agent, for GP-PS.

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