Product Name Chemical NameAppearanceApplications
LEVENOL C-201Polyoxyethylene(17) mono- and di- glyceridesLiquidProducts application: hard surface cleaners, laundry products, HDLD, HDPD,···.
LEVENOL C-301Polyoxyethylene(7) mono- and di- glyceridesLiquidProducts application: HDLD, hard surface cleaners,.....
LEVENOL C-421Polyoxyethylene(2) mono- and di- glyceridesLiquidFoaming compositions and household products
LEVENOL H&BPolyoxyethylene(2) mono- and di- glyceridesLiquidPersonal hygiene products
LEVENOL V-501Polyoxyethylene(17) mono- and di- glyceridesLiquidLaundry powder products.
LEVENOL WXSodium polyoxyethylene alkyl ether sulfateLiquidEmulsifiers and dispersant

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