Research, Production and Supply Chain Management  

Global Research and Production System Meeting Users' Needs
The Kao Group has bases handling all phases from research to production and supply in locations in Japan, Asia, Europe and North America, which work together in various ways to provide quality products in timely fashion to users around the world.



We conduct our research activities by integrating product development
research and fundamental research. By doing so, we pursue Yoki-Monozukuri to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Creative new products for industries globally 

We manufacture and sell high quality chemical products meeting the diverse needs of various industries in the world as well as quality control process to ensure that all products meet to our high quality 


Mindful of environment PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals use the pollution control system to purify industrial cesspools before draining. This guarantees that neither water nor gas waste will leak and cause environmental damage.

The Kao Group also has production bases in various locations around the world. In Japan, our plants in Wakayama, Kashima, Tochigi and Toyohashi are fully integrated with our research facilities to develop efficient, high-quality production processes and produce many chemical products.

Overseas, our plants in the Philippines and Malaysia produce oleo chemicals which are shipped to customers and Kao Group companies around the world. Other plants, in Shanghai, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Spain, the United States and Mexico, produce performance chemicals destined for various industrial sectors in those regions.

This efficiently organized supply chain allows Kao to speedily supply products from its various bases around the world.

Through research, production and supply, Kao's Chemical Division will use its global network to provide products geared to customer satisfaction.

With its expertise and complete support from Kao Corporation Japan and other affiliates, PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals is competent partner with which to work.

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