Furan binders for casting sand - Kao Lightener®

Furan binders hold a high market share in the field of labor intensive molding processes for high-mix, low-volume production, mainly machine castings.Furfuryl alcohol, the main ingredient in furan resins, is made from "non-edible biomass material" such as corn kernels and sugarcane chaff.This resin is made to react with a curing agent, such as organic sulfonic acid to cure the mold.

Features of Kao Lightener®

  • Because Kao Lightener® helps to create a stronger mold, it is possible to create a mold with less additives (generally 0.6-0.9% recycled sand), low resin viscosity, and superior sand fluidity and mold loading.
  • Because its pot life and mold release time can be broadly controlled, Kao Lightener® is suitable for a range of mold sizes and shapes.
  • There is little gas release from thermal decomposition during the pour, reducing the occurrence of gas defects.
  • Kao-Quaker offers products with a range of features, such as binders that reduce the amount of formaldehyde during the molding process and sulfurous acid gas during pouring.
  • We also have non-hazardous resins under the Fire Service Act, which have less restrictions on handling and storage.
  • We are working proactively to reduce our green house gas emissions, which contribute to global warming. 100% of the power used to manufacture our furan resin is renewable energy.


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