In QK we support our activities in practice of principles and values that carry us to reach our mission to satisfy and to enrich the life of the people, for it, we endorse our commitment with the care of the integrity of the workers of the business and the welfare of their families, the development of our community and the care of the environment.

- We Recognize the philosophy TKW as guide of our activities, and to try in every moment that our behavior be held to our mission, vision, principles and values, and our actions be attached to our code of ethics.

- We Carry out activities that permit the development of groups in vulnerable situations trying the integration and participation with the organizations or groups of the community with the one that interact, inside our limits and possibilities.

- We Take care of in every moment that the ecological impact generated by our productive process be attached to the ecological norms and to carry out the actions and necessary investments to reduce it to the possible minimum.

- We Promote the environmental care through campaigns of recycling, information to preserve the natural resources and campaigns of reforestation.

- We Maintain the transparency in our management of business, and to take care of in every moment that the development of our activities be of honest, transparent, and open form .

Honor and Certification proof about Responsible Care  

ISO 9001‐2008 certification
Valid period :
June 6th 2010 – June 5th 2013 

Clean industry Certification
Valid period:
Sep 2009 –Sep 2011 

Honor and Certification proof about Responsible Care  

School "Emiliano Zapata".
Painting the school 

But continuously, we have many activities of social responsibility like:
-Help to El Salto community
-Continue supporting food bank (BAJU this institution attends 614 families in poor economy condition), nursing homes and school "Emiliano Zapata" activities through support collections made between employees and promotion that employee spend workforce in improvement infrastructure activities (nursing homes and school), care seniors in nursing homes and help in the activities of BAJU. 


Make a campaign of caring for the environment, promoting recycling of materials (plastic, paper, glass and batteries). We promote the campaign "Cleaning our Mexico" and "Learning what makes my dad at work and how he cares himself."

Reinforcing the commitment of our employees with safety.

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