The Kao Group's Operations and Main Product Brands

Striving for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally in four fields of business

The Kao Group develops its consumer products business for general consumers in three of its fields of business: Beauty Care, Human Health Care, and Fabric and Home Care. In our Chemical Business, we also develop a wide range of chemical products that meet the various needs of industry. The Kao Group believes that through these businesses we can contribute to the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people throughout the world.

Beauty Care

Responding to people's desire to be beautiful

In our Beauty Care Business, to respond to people's desire to be beautiful, we provide products that range from the prestige cosmetics with the respective value and individuality of each brand including Sofina, Kanebo and Molton Brown, to beauty care products including skin and body care products such as facial and body cleansers, hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners, and hair styling agents. We provide hair coloring, permanent wave, styling agents, etc. to hair salons chiefly in Europe and the United States but also around the globe under the Goldwell and KMS brand name.


Cosmetics brand offering a new skin physiological approach to skin care. Launched in 1982 in Japan, the Sofina brand is now a favorite of many Japanese consumers and is also popular in other Asian countries


Prestige cosmetics brand that became part of the Kao Group in 2006. Widely available in department stores and other outlets in Japan, Asia, Europe and North America, Kanebo is popular with consumers around the world.

Molton Brown

Luxury brand Molton Brown was established in London in 1973, selling products made from specially selected natural ingredients. Well-known at leading department stores and directly operated shops and as a hotel and airline amenity brand in over 70 countries around the world.


Gentle facial foaming cleanser Bioré was launched in 1980, and extensions to the product line ranging from makeup remover to body wash have been added over the years. A favorite skin care brand among consumers in Japan, other Asian countries, and Americas.


Jergens has been a favorite skin care brand of American women of all ages since 1901. The brand is enjoying revived popularity now with its line of innovative, new-concept products.

John Frieda

John Frieda is a global premium hair care brand well known in major North American and European centers such as London, Paris and New York. Its sophisticated and fashionable brand image has won it a strong following among young women.


Goldwell, a German brand used in high class hair salons. European hair artists consider it the most trusted and reliable name among professional use products.

Human Health Care

Making every day of people's lives more comfortable and healthier

In the Human Health Care Business we provide products that help make every day of people's lives more comfortable and healthier. Among the products that our Human Health Care Business provides are functional health beverages conceived as a result of many years of fat nutrition metabolism research. Feminine and baby care products offered by the Human Health Care Business, such as Laurier sanitary napkins and Merries baby diapers, are the result of a united effort between research of Kao's own functional materials and human physiology research. The Human Health Care Business also provides oral care products for oral hygiene such as Pyuora and Clear Clean, and Bub bath additives.


Laurier, on the market since 1979, is a high-quality sanitary napkin brand that lives up to its reputation for giving peace of mind even when flow is heavy. The product has continued to evolve over the years, and Laurier F, a product developed from the dermatological perspective launched in 2004, is a high value-added product appreciated by consumers everywhere in Asia.


Merries, a completely new type of disposable diaper using many new functional materials such as super water-absorbent polymers and breathable sheets, was launched in 1983 in Japan. Today, it is widely accepted as a reliable brand by many consumers.

Fabric and Home Care

Enabling cleaner and more comfortable lives every day

In the Fabric and Home Care Business we provide products to consumers in Asia as well as Japan and have for many years made the most of proprietary Kao technology to develop good quality, functional products that are easy to use. Such fabric care products include the leading Attack laundry detergent, Humming fabric softener, and Haiter bleaching agent, and home care products include Family and CuCute dishwashing detergents, and Magiclean and Quickle house cleaning products. The Fabric and Home Care business is ever responsive to changes in society and among consumers as it supports cleaner and more comfortable lives through innovative, high value-added products.


Attack, the leading laundry detergent brand, is a product known to every Japanese consumer. Thanks to continuous improvement of the product to improve quality and usability since it was launched in 1987, it has built an established reputation among consumers in Asia and Oceania.


Haiter, the brand with the largest share of the laundry bleach market in Japan, began to be exported to Asian markets in the 1960s. Today, it's sold in many Asian countries and is a favorite of consumers.


Household cleaner Magiclean, on the market since 1971, is also sold in countries like Thailand, where it was been adapted for local household conditions. The brand has become synonymous with household cleaner and is popular among many households today.


Meeting diverse needs of global customers

In the Chemical Business, Kao provides products that meet diverse needs in a wide range of industries. R&D divisions and business divisions work together to develop a vast array of chemical products such as fat and oil derivatives and surfactants, functional polymers, and fragrances that use oleo chemicals, all initially produced from natural oils and fats. Such chemical products are supplied for use as materials by Kao Group companies and also deployed globally to satisfy diverse needs in paper and pulp, food products, pharmaceutical products, electronics, civil engineering and construction, information media, electronics, and many other industries.

KALCOL (Oleo Chemicals)

KALCOL, fatty alcohol produced by Pilipinas Kao, Inc. and Fatty Chemical (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., comes in various formulations and formats. It is widely used as an added ingredient or in compounds.

EMAL (Surfactants)

Kao's representative brand of anionic surfactants. Used in a wide range of industrial applications from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, as a base cleansing ingredient for liquid cleansers and as an emulsifier for emulsion polymerization for resin compounds.

MIGHTY (Performance Chemicals)

The MIGHTY brand is well known throughout the construction industry as a superplasticizer for concrete. Used for producing high-strength, water-resistant concrete, Mighty is used for building expressways and skyscrapers all over the world.

TUFTONE (Specialty Chemicals)

TUFTONE is Kao's excellent performance color toner for color copying pioneered the use of high-performance polyester resin as a binder. Provides excellent color reproduction that makes high-quality color copying possible.

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