Approach to Environment Issues

Kao believe that corporate activities must always seek to harmonize and consist with global environment. Kao as entire organization, we continue with this attitude and pursue an active involvement in environmental issues covering global warming, energy conservation, air and water pollution control and waste reduction-in all stages of Kao business, from production, and from consumer use to disposal of products.

Kao Sustaiability Statement

Thai Kao ISO certificate

The certification is a part of the company on-going policy to pursue excellence and assure the finest quality products as well as its overall aim to improve every day operations for the entire business process.

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO14001 Certificate

OHSAS Certificate
GMP Certificate

-ISO 9001

Four Decades in Pursuit of Quality.

Over 40 years of Kao Industrial (Thailand) in world business. Not only produce the good quality products, but also response to society as well. Moreover, in the severe competition together with the crisis of economy in Thailand, we have to upgrade the quality of our products and the efficiency of our operations, research and development. The management completely agreed to ISO 9002:1994 international standard for quality management system, and then arranged the ISO 9002:1994 Team for Mighty Products (Concrete Admixtures) in 1997. We applied the quality system in all aspects of operation, from the placement of orders, selection of quality raw materials, control and expansion of production capacity maintenance and punctual delivery. With the concerted determination and dedication of all members of the management and staff, Thai Kao has successfully implemented the ISO 9002:1994 since Jan'98.

After that, we expend the scope of ISO certificates to cover all chemical products, i.e. Cosmetics, Paper and Pulp, Agro and Aqua, Polymer, Construction, etc. It can made the reliability to our customers because we continuously implement and monitor the weak points of all parts including customer complaints.

Kao Quality Policy ISO9001

"Make Products which will be enjoyed and trusted by customer and apply continual improvement"

With the consistently development, we has achieved ISO certificates in Dec'00 of all above chemical products. So we are stronger. More flexible and better positioned to compete in the highly competitive domestic and global markets. We are able to deliver a fast and efficient service to all customers.

Measures to Contribute to Society

The corporate philosophy that forms the basis of these activities is "The Kao Way", which clearly expresses Kao's unique corporate culture and essence of its corporate spirit, and is shared and practiced by all Kao Group employees. Furthermore, from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Kao strives to act in good faith based on high ethical standards, and will contribute to the sustainable development of society by conducting its activities with consideration for environmental impact and conservation of resources.

-Activities and Donation for abandoned children


Every year Kao Thailand supports money to build facilities and provides activities that encourage proper development program for poor or abandoned children. Some pieces of children’s painting would be selected to print the company new year cards.

-Blood Donation


Kao Thailand joins the Thai Red Cross Society (Chonburi) to organize "Blood Donation” Each year the Thai Red Cross Society, as a center facilitate blood donation and offer blood service to the public, need a lot of blood quantity. At present, there is more demand of blood cause by disaster and accidents. This activity obviously shows the employees’ participation on CSR.

- The other Donation

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