May. 23, 2014

Report of 『The 9th Eco-products Exhibition』in Taiwan

 Kao Taiwan Corporation (one of Kao group) participated in the Eco-products International Fair 2014 held at Taipei World Trade Center in Taiwan. The exhibition was opened from 13th to 16th in March and attracted approximately 13,000 visitors who were looking for good business opportunities.

 Kao (Taiwan) Corporation who celebrates 50th anniversary, together with Kao group displayed the exhibition panels for visitors and explained their corporate history, household’s product designed for environmentally friendly, and chemicals products by using video imaging.

 Also, they displayed world children art works which received winning prize in “Kao International Environment Painting Contests for Children”.

 As the part of Kao’s Chemical products exhibition, CLANTHROUGH series,fine/precision cleaners, were displayed for the electronics industry which is the leading business field in Taiwan. CLEANTHROUGH is originally designed for replacement for solvents in order to lower environmental burden technology.

 And also they introduced new products especially for new category that needs higher detergency and fit lower cost technology to match for the new trend at quick rapid electronics market.
 The booth was welcomed by not only specialists but also general public, and introduction of Kao chemical product which used for a variety of industrial technologies and expanded globally was successfully accepted by visitors.

Many people were so enthusiastic asking about our products

Atmosphere of Kao booth

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