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The High Purity Fatty Alcohol Plant in Jasaan produces the finest quality oleochemicals. These environment-friendly products form the base materials for detergents, household and personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, emulsifiers, additives and agricultural chemicals.

Fatty Alcohol (Brand Name: KALCOL ** )

KALCOL, fatty alcohol produced by Pilipinas Kao, Inc. and Fatty Chemical (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., comes in various formulations and formats. It is widely used as an added ingredient or in compounds.

Refined Glycerin (Brand Name: REFINED GLYCERIN ** )

REFINED GLYCERIN, widely used for the formulations of pharmaceuticals; food additives; alkyd resins; soaps; toothpastes; cosmetics and as a humectant for cigarettes.

Tertiary Amines (Brand Name: FARMIN **)

FARMIN, is a starting material for various cationic/amphoteric surfactants, germicides, bactericides, textile auxiliaries, wood preservatives, oil recovery agent, amine oxide, corrosion inhibitors and hair care formulations.

Coconut, a primary source of
natural fats and oils
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