Measures to Contribute to Society

Measures to Contribute to Society 

For the satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people, Kao engages in activities under the theme of "Nurturing the Next Generation" in order to continuously contribute to realizing a rich society. 

- High School Scholarship Program

Pilipinas Kao believes that education is essential for building a progressive community. It is through education that the youth can develop their minds, nurture their talents, and acquire life skills as they fulfill their dreams of improving their lives not only for themselves but as a concern and responsible citizen in the community. It is through this fervent belief that the High School Scholarship was realized for the communities of Luz Banzon and Solana. These adopted communities are adjacent to Pilipinas Kao plant.

The High School Scholarship Program of Pilipinas Kao aims to help each top five (5) honor students of Luz Banzon and Solana residents in attaining their secondary education. Scholars would have to maintain a satisfactory rating in order to enjoy scholarship privileges such as free books, uniform, shoes and a monthly stipend.

The elementary school principal of Luz Banzon gave a feedback that if before she has a hard time encouraging the parents to enroll their children, now the parents are flocking to the school during the enrolment. Parents are even encouraging their children to be serious with their studies so that they can be an honor student and to become a scholar. Even neighboring communities would want to enroll in the Elementary Schools of Luz Banzon and Solana. This is a positive indication that the scholarship program has a great impact in Jasaan communities.

The inspiring program has increased the enrolment rate of the elementary schools in Luz Banzon and Solana, gave the parents an assurance that their children would finish the secondary education and a hope for the scholars that their dreams of graduating in the secondary education is one step in attaining their university education.

- Medical Dental Mission 

Pilipinas Kao, Inc. (PKI) cognizant of our corporate social responsibility to its neighboring communities, has spearheaded community health promotions. PKI's main objective of the project is to provide medical/dental services and health assistance to our adopted communities Luz Banzon and Solana.

The medical dental mission was participated by Volunteer Physicians, Dentists and PKI employees volunteer. We have provided the beneficiaries with free medical consultations and dental services like tooth extractions were undertaken.

Medicines for cough, colds, antibiotics, analgesics, high blood pressure, and multi-vitamins for babies were also given.

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