Company Profile 

Wholehearted customer satisfaction
Over one hundred and twenty years, Kao (Japan) always put "Customer First" as part of our principle to make a meaningful contribution to the people in the world. In 1964, Kao (Taiwan) was founded to provide consumers with quality cleaning supplies and various industrial surfactant.

With the ultimate aim of delivering "wholehearted customer satisfaction and valuable affordable products and services", we supply fat and oil products based on natural raw material; multi-function Performance Chemicals based mainly on surfactants; and high value-added Specialty Chemicals products of each fields.

Backed by the technical expertise of Kao (Japan), the Kao (Taiwan) Chemical Division offers superior quality products and customer services (Oleo Chemical, Polymers, Cosmetics, Electronics, Lubricant, Food additives, Textile, Construction, Paper and Pulp, Medicine) tailored to the needs of the Taiwan market. 


The office building where Kao (Taiwan) Corporation enters

日本花王創立120多年來,始終秉持著顧客至上的理念, 不僅為日本,也致力為全世界的人類作有益的貢獻。 花王(台灣)成立於1964年,竭誠提供消費者優質的清潔用品及各產業用的界面活性劑。 而花王(台灣)化學品部門為了實現


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