Corporate Social Responsibility

The Kao Group strives for earning the respect and trust of our diverse range of stakeholders.

The basis of our CSR activities consists in the corporate activities of the Kao Group aiming to contribute to the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally, as clearly stated in the Mission of our corporate philosophy, The Kao Way, through each of our products made by Yoki-Monozukuri.

To this end we establish standards of our own, standards that we value as part of our fundamental responsibility to society that go beyond what the international community has set in areas such as product safety, governance, compliance, and the environment.

On top of such CSR efforts, the Kao Group works toward three additional initiatives which aim to: attain environmental excellence, nurture socially responsible employees, and undertake corporate activities that benefit society.

Through these efforts, Kao Group companies contribute to the sustainability of the global environment, and in so doing strive for earning for the Kao Group the respect and trust of all stakeholders who support us including our consumers/customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities that we serve.

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