Company Profile 

Kao Specialties Americas LLC (KSA) is a member of the Kao Group. KSA is a specialty chemicals manufacturing company with three major business segments (1) Oleo Chemicals, (2) Performance Chemicals and (3) Specialty Chemicals including Imaging Materials and Aroma Chemicals.

The facility is located in High Point, NC on approximately 60 acres. Kao Specialties Americas LLC conducts its daily operations in accordance with The Kao Way and principles of the Kao's Business Conduct Guidelines. Moreover, we support the commitment of the Kao Group to manufacture and market quality products while always embracing the corporate culture of Yoki-Monozukuri. 



Kao Specialties Americas LLC is a specialty chemical manufacturing company located in High Point, NC and is a proud member of the Kao Corporation family. As part of the Kao global family, our actions are guided by our commitment to The Kao Way philosophy of Yoki-Monozukuri which can be defined as providing products of excellent value for customer satisfaction. Quality, health, safety and protection of the environment are all integral parts of our Integrated Management System. 

  • We embrace Kao's environmental philosophy of `eco together.' We will design products and processes that minimize the impact to our environment and protect the health and safety of our employees, neighbors, and consumers.
  • As a team, we will continuously improve in all aspects of our business by measuring performance against objectives and targets.
  • We will comply with the guiding principles of Responsible Care and all other legal and agreed to requirements.
  • Our employees are committed to this policy and we are proud to share our quality, health, safety and environmental commitment with the public.
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