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Kao Specialties Americas LLC (KSA) is a member of the Kao Group. KSA is a specialty chemical manufacturing company with three major business segments (1) Oleo Chemicals, (2) Performance Chemicals and (3) Specialty Chemicals including Imaging Materials and Aroma Chemicals. 

Oleo Chemicals

The Oleo Chemicals business segment is a key unit in Kao's global business. Our focus is to deliver unmatched value by providing very high purity fatty alcohol and tertiary amines along with a complimentary offering of derivatives.

  • KALCOL® Fatty Alcohol
    Kao is one of the largest producers of fatty alcohols globally. All of our materials are 100% naturally derived from palm kernel or coconut oil. Even cuts from C-8 to C-18 are available at 98% minimum purity with the lowest acid and carbonyl values. In addition to the high purity single cut products, some common commercial blends are available.
  • FARMIN® Fatty Amines
    Kao is a leading producer of tertiary amines. With four (4) manufacturing sites globally, Kao can produce primary, secondary and tertiary amines as well as specialty and commodity derivatives. In many cases, Kao uses its own fatty alcohol to produce amines of exceptional clarity and quality. 

Oil palm, a plant which produces natural fats and oils

Performance Chemicals


MIGHTY® Series 

Superplasticizers for Precast Concrete, Ready Mix Concrete, and Gypsum Products.
The Mighty technology reduces the water-to-cement ratio while providing increased workability, strength, and durability. These products can be formulated to meet the customer's end use requirements for Precast or Ready Mix applications. 


  • Higher Water Reduction Compared to Conventional Water Reducers
  • High Early Strength Development 
  • Greater Volume Stability and ReducedShrinkage Cracking
  • Reduced Segregation and Bleeding 
  • ncreased Durability and Resistance toTemperature, Humidity, Chemicals, and Fire
  • Ability to flow and pump easily 
  • Provides smooth surface finish 

ASFIER® Series 

Asphalt Emulsifiers
KSA offers a complete line of cationic and nonionic emulsifiers for superior performance with a wide variety of aggregate and asphalt cement. The unique chemistries offer increased adhesion resulting in stronger, more durable, and longer lasting roads.KSA offers laboratory designs and technical services to support continued growth in the United States.


  • Chip Seal 
  • Cold Mix 
  • Cold Mix In Place Recycling
  • Fog Seal 
  • Micro-Surfacing 
  • Prime Coat 
  • Slurry Seal 
  • Tack Coat 


Anti-stripping Agents for Hot Mix AsphaltThe KAO GRIPPER series is patented non-amine technology that shows excellent anti-stripping performance for hot mix applications as compared to typical amine based products. 


  • Excellent adhesion of asphalt to aggregate 
  • Performs well with a wide variety of aggregate sources 
  • Extended storage stability with no loss in performance (Two weeks at 180°C) 
  • Increased TSR results 
  • No offensive amine odor 
  • No volatile organic solvents
  • Pumpable liquid 

Imaging Materials 

In our Imaging Materials business KSA is sharing in a long history of polyester toner binder production.
For over 30 years Kao Corporation has been producing top quality binder resins under the TUFTONE trade name for use in specialty toner formulations.
Our world class technical development team works hand in glove with OEM producers of copiers and printers to custom design a resin exclusively for each customer application. Our technical skill and manufacturing capabilities have firmly established the Kao family as the market leader in the field of polyester-based resins for the reprographic industry. 

Aroma Chemicals

One of the core items for Kao Corporation is aroma chemicals. Kao is a leading worldwide producer of aldehydes and MDJ in addition to several specialty items.  



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