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Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai

Production of surfactants and its intermediates, polyacrylic acid family polymers, Polyester and other macromolecular products agents for foundry(furan resin, solidifying agent, coating for foundry, solidification speed regulation machine, etc.),ester products and their accessories; sales of self-produced products.(Licenses must be obtained if required.)
Founded in November 1995,Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai is the chemicals production center of Kao Group in China.
Since the inauguration of sulfating facilities in 1997,the Company has been engaged in the production and sales activities of detergents for shampoos and cleaners and water reducing agents for concrete.
With the introduction of conversion plants for multi-purpose esters as well as the new series of metal cleaners and foundry-used adhesives, the Company has recorded expansion in business scope as well as rapid increasing in the sales amount. Taking advantage of its advanced technology like pomade chemistry, surface chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry, Kao Chemical Corporation
Shanghai has been broaden its view over numerous fields, in which thorough endeavor is highly encouraged to create best commodities for the improvement of the society.
The basic policy of our company:
- A thriving enterprise
In order to carry out the concept of "most speedy and accurate delivery of quality products to the client", Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai has been executing strict management and provide scientific training program for every employee. That is to create the stage on which everyone would fully exert his talent and remain thriving and cheerful in his own position.


The office of the Shanghai factory

Kao Trading Corporation Shanghai 

Kao Trading Corporation Shanghai was established in July 2001 in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, whose task is import and sale the products for commodities by Kao's affiliated Companies around the world. Since the Kao group has the outstanding natural aliphatic alcohol production capacity in Asia, Kao Trading Corporation Shanghai imports them from Malaysia and Philippines for sales in the Chinese market. Besides, it also imports a variety of excellent products from Japan, East Asia and EUROPE such as additives, emulsifying agents to meet the needs of domestic market. 

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