Target Industries

Kao Products Used in Various Industry Sectors

Our chemical business is operated globally in the following three fields: Oleo Chemicals, to ensure a stable supply of fats- and oils-based products; multi-function Performance Chemicals based mainly on surfactants; and Specialty Chemicals, high value-added products developed to meet customer needs. We will continue providing chemical products with unique characteristics to respond to the trust customers in all types of industries place in Kao.

Industry Sectors


  • Concrete additives
  • Asphalt emulsifiers 

*In construction field, Kao enjoys high prestige for its water reducing agent.
Naphthalene Water reducing agents derived from Kao's surface chemistry are utilized as cement dispersing agent to improve the intensity and flow property of concrete. For over 10 years, MIGHTY has been acknowledged in tubular piles projects and other intensifying cement projects.
Currently, a new generation of naphthalene watering reducing agents is under the research to supplement the tradition agents. Besides, there also includes the series of diverse con-structive additives such as anti-stripping agent, emulsifying agent for asphaltum roadways, releasing agents for smoothing concrete's appearance and foaming agent for plasterboards.

Plastics / Rubbers

Laundry detergents / fabric softeners

  • Additives for polymerization
  • Processing additives
  • Plasticizers
  • Rubber processing agents

  • Base chemicals for laundry detergents
  • Base chemicals for fabric softeners
  • Enzymes for laundry detergents



  • Cleansing surfactants & detergent chemicals
  • Pearling agents
  • Emulsifier
  • Booster/Thickener

  • Emulsifier
  • Moisturiser
  • Cosmetics Chemicals
  • Additives


  • Disinfectant cleansers
  • Base chemicals for ointments and suppositories
  • Bulking agents,solubilizers,etc.


  • Metal cleaners, etc.

Nowadays Kao's surfactant chemicals are widely used in the steel industry. For example, the rolling oils and cleaners are just some broadly appreciated products in many large steel factories in Asia. It is through years of study towards customer's manufacturing process and cumulation of experience that enable Kao to innovate relating steel additives for individual clients. And the value of products exists not only in itself, but also in the catalytic effect on procedure that make possible the greatest overall benefit.  


  • Binder for molds and cores,etc.
  • Kao QUAKER entered into Chinese market in 2000,which had the greatest furan resin capacity in the world. And Kao QUAKER also ranks the first in Japanese market share and enjoys high reputation in China. Besides distinctive technical service & exchanging is another peculiarity. In short, Shanghai Kao Chemical supplies foundry-series products including furan resin, hardening agent, coating materials and etc. 



  • Cleaners for electronic parts,etc.

  • Adjuvants
  • Anti-caking agents for fertilize
  • Additives for agrochemicals, etc.


Color industry

  • Agents for dyeing and finishing

  • Dye auxiliaries 
  • Dispersants for dyes 


  • Lubricant base oils
  • Lubricant additives


Fat and Oil Derivatives


  • Fatty acids
  • Fatty alcohols
  • Primary and secondary fatty amines 
  • Tertiary fatty amines
  • Esters
  • Amide waxes
  • Glycerin
  • Anionic surfactants
  • Cationic surfactants
  • Amphoteric surfactants
  • Nonionic surfactants

Functional Polymers


  • Furan resins (for mold and core-binders)
  • Polyurethane resins (for shoe soles)
  • Polyamide resins (for ink vehicles)
  • Polyamide resins (for toners)
  • Polyurethane resins (for textile application)
  • Phenol resins (for mold and core-binders)
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