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“BioIOS”, an anionic surfactant that adds value to sustainable home care products

The demands for detergents are diverse, such as high detergency even at low temperatures and harmonizing with the environment.
BioIOS is an anionic surfactant that meets the need for new formulation variations.

What’s BioIOS?

Our washing habits (My Kirei Lifestyle) might be lost?Our washing habits (My Kirei Lifestyle) might be lost?

C12,14 lauric oil currently used in major surfactants are made from only 6% of the total vegetable oil and fat raw materials.

As demand for detergents increases significantly due to global urbanization and population growth, there is concern that vegetable oils and fats, the raw materials for surfactants, which are the cleaning ingredients, will become scarce.

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Main Features of BioIOS

New raw material, molecular structure, and performance

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Utilization of raw material with limited applications


BioIOS utilizes the solid part of C16 and C18, commonly found in many vegetable oils, primarily used for industrial applications. Therefore, BioIOS will contribute to solving the anticipated problem of raw material shortages in the future.

  • Natural resource
  • Expanding raw material options
  • Stable supply
  • Dioxane-free


Unique molecular structure


*There is a distribution in hydrophilic group positions.


While general surfactants have hydrophilic groups at the ends of hydrophobic groups, BioIOS has a unique molecular structure with a longer alkyl chain (C16-C18) that has a hydrophilic group located at the middle of the chain.

The hydrophobic group is split into two chains, increasing affinity with oil, and a small amount of BioIOS adsorbs to oil and removes it well, while the apparent long hydrophobic chain has a low melting point and is easily soluble in water due to its branched structure.

  • High surface activity
  • Superior water solubility


High detergency


Washing at lower temperatures is a good option for the Earth. By adding a small amount of BioIOS to the conventional detergent model, it can achieve performance equivalent to or greater than that at normal temperature.

  • Cold wash
  • Hard water resistance


Contribute to the development of better products

High versatility

High versatility

The foam can be controlled by concentration, making it versatile for use from laundry detergent to hand dish wash.

Cold Wash

Cold wash

Cold wash enables consumer to save money and energy.



EO-free anionic surfactant

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Bio 100% formulation / Dioxane-free formulation
The natural-origin raw materials can appeal to consumers and the environment as a safe and secure ingredient.

BioIOS Feature #1

High versatility

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BioIOS Feature #2

Solubility in hard water

BioIOS shows good solubility in hard water.

BioIOS is suitable as an ingredient for cleansers that can be used in any region of the world with different water hardness.

BioIOS maintains high solubility at low temperature(15°C/59°F).


BioIOS Feature #3

Emulsifying ability

High emulsifying power and sufficient cleaning of dirty dishes

Evaluation condition :The colored oil was emulsified by the surfactant solution (30°C/86°F, 8°DH, 200 ppm, Stirring 1500 rpm/1min). Particle size was measured by laser diffraction particle size analyzer.

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