Target Industries

Our current products portfolio, additional to our commercialization products, allow us to offer solutions and alternatives to several markets and develop new applications for our products in fields where our presence is recent.

The products that Quimikao commercializes as: Tallow, coconut, tall oil and soy bean Fatty amines and its derivatives;Quaternary ammonium compounds (methylquats, benzylquats and estherquats); Specialties; etc., 

Target industry

Our Chemical business is operated globally in the following main two markets:

  • Softener:

To ensure a stable supply of esterquats products with an excellent quality, for the fabric softener producers.

  • Construction:

Mainly Asphalt business, offering chemicals based on fatty amines mix with high value added. Quimikao enjoys high prestige for its emulsifiers and currently is focus on anti-stripping additives for hot mix asphalt as well as warm mix.

Quimikao is also involved in the following business:

Industry Sectors



  • Asphalt emulsifiers
  • Anti-stripping agents

  • Superplasticizers
  • Air entraining agents



  • Biocides

  • Synthetic Aroma chemicals 
  • Compounds

Cosmetics & Household


  • Cosmetics chemicals
  • Softener

  • Adjuvants Emulsifiers



  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Demulsifiers

  • Flotation Agents
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