R&D Activity 

Research and development is perceived as the driving force behind Kao's activities, which constitutes the main philosophy of our management. Combining Kao's technology developed over many years with the wisdom and strength of each country, Kao seeks to contribute to the lives and cultures of the people worldwide through the development of truly useful products.

Creative new products for industries globally 

Laboratory for Construction field

For many years Quimikao has developed various chemical products that are derived from fats and oils. For wide range of applications, from household to industrial products. In order to achieve this, pro-active and close collaboration with customers are extremely important for Quimikao. Based on these facts, we endeavor to develop innovative products with our core technologies, such as surface & interface technologies, and also those concerned with surfactants and oleo chemicals. 

Currently, eco-friendly issues have ever greater importance. Quimikao focuses more on eco-friendly products and technologies from a viewpoint of not only safety, but also energy-saving and CO2 reduction etc.

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