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Kao’s involvement in Agrochemicals is based on research from basic to applied development and ranges from work with raw materials to product manufacture. To continue to strive toward a better direction, we consider the environmental impact of the development and production of agrochemicals and their use and disposal

Surfactants for pesticide


AGRISOL series

Glyphosate adjuvant
It shows good wetting, spreading, and penetrating as well as improve rain fastness. It gives high viscosity in glyphosate herbicide.

Glufosinate adjuvant
It is amino acid synthesis inhibitors. Uptake of glufosinate is through the leaves and stem. And then it inhibits the activity of an enzyme. It accumulates H₂O₂ which is toxicant to plant, then the plant die.

Tank mix adjuvant
Their function is mainly use outside of the formulated product. Most are added to the spray tank in the field. These products promote activity in the spray tank as wetting and spreading agents.The special tank mix adjuvant is developed for drone spraying pesticides (for aerial spraying).

Emulsifiable concentration
It can act as emulsifier, solubilizer, wetting agent and dispersant. It is also the environmentally friendly product which does not contain alkyl phenol.

Anti-caking agents and additives for fertilizers


Kao’s anti-caking agents show remarkable effectiveness in preventing the caking of urea and ammonium sulfate. They are applicable in varied forms of urea such as granule, powder and fertilizer.

SK FERT series

Water-soluble based type
Oil based type
Wax type
Porous agent for ammonium nitrate



It is disinfectant and cleaning agent for livestock, sugar mill and general proposal.

SANISOL series

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride



As the main application for this product group, it can be the anti-foam, releasing agent for the fermentation processing and improving yield for general purpose.


Fruit coating


The use of fruit coating on fresh pineapple fruits has been consistently proven to prevent IBS and stop pre-mature ripening and it also delays shell color advance. This ensures that your pineapples will reach your customers in their best and freshest condition. 

KD series

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