KAO Chemicals Product Catalog

Kao Thailand was officially established on September 24, 1964 as the producer of a range of shampoo and detergent products at its factory in Prapradaeng. Later in 1972, the chemicals plant was established to produce shampoo intermediate materials for local user and for export.

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KAO Agrochemicals Product Catalog

Kao’s involvement in Agrochemicals is based on research from basic to applied development and ranges from work with raw materials to product manufacture. To continue to strive toward a better direction, we consider the environmental impact of the development and production of Agrochemicals and their use and disposal.


KAO ADUVANT A-200 Product Information

KAO ADJUVANT A-200, a special adjuvant that suitable for use with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) such as drone or agricultural spraying helicopters.
It has special features of anti-drifting and can enhances the efficiency of agricultural chemicals by improves wettability and control droplet size.

Enriching lives, in harmony with nature

KAO Additives For Plastics Processing Product Catalog

Many kinds of additives such as stabilizer, antioxidant, ultraviolet ray absorbent, blowing agent, coloring agent, plasticizer, lubricant, antistatic agent, antifogging agent, and mold release agent are used in processing plastics.
Appropriate additives for actual use should be chosen in consideration of types of plastics to be processed, processing method and the desired qualities of the end products.
Development and marketing of polymer specialities are also included in Kao Corporation’s business. Among these polymer specialities are polyester resins, polyamide resin, polyurethane components, etc. along with their molding technologies.Kao’s additives for plastic processing are developed with the background of such polymer specialities business.
This booklet is intended primarily to introduce Kao’s additives for use in plastics processing.

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