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Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Kao Thailand was officially established on September 24, 1964 as the producer of a range of shampoo and detergent products at its factory in Prapradaeng. Later in 1972, the chemicals plant was established to produce shampoo intermediate materials for local user and for export.

Kao Chemicals Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

  • Our Business
    Our Business

    Kao's Chemical Business works to address challenges faced by our customers and industries by providing innovative products and solutions. Management decisions are made based on the criteria of whether they benefit society and the environment as we work to provide an extensive range of products on a global scale to contribute to create a future for industry and a sustainability of society.

  • Business fields
    Business fields

    A diverse range of Kao's chemical products used in a variety of industrial fields. We help to contribute to the global business development of customers in a wide range of industries through materials, formulation designs and an extensive product lineup.

    Sustainable products
    Sustainable products

    “Sustainability as the only path” we thrive our chemical business through ESG perspectives, Environmental, Social and Governance. We all are acting with courage. Yoki-Monozukuri, innovation, and satisfaction of customers and the planet.



Our ESG Strategy is designed to serve people's needs, behaviors and desire to live sustainable lifestyles that contribute to a sustainable world. We call this the Kirei Lifestyle, and we call the vision, commitments and actions that contribute to that lifestyle the Kirei Lifestyle Plan. Kao will strive to create a long-lasting impact to society through the Kirei Lifestyle Plan.


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