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Developing a variety of chemical products

In the century of activities since its founding, Kao has also forged a long history on the field of chemical products for industrial uses. 

Kao is currently developing many diverse chemical products the revolve around fat and oil derivatives, surfactants, functional polymers and aroma chemicals which are used in many fields such as Toiletries & Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals, Steel & Metal, Fine Cleaning, Basic Infrastructure, Casting, Plastics & Polymer.


Creative new products for industries globally

Kao believes that research and development is vital, driving force for corporate progress. The company is constantly upgrading its research and development activities by introducing the latest instruments and human resources
One of our most important powers is close and strong collaboration with Kao Japan’s R&D for fundamental research and new development. Currently, eco-friendly issues have ever greater importance. Kao focuses more on eco-friendly products and technologies from a viewpoint of not only safety, but also energy saving and CO₂ reduction, etc.

Kao Industrial (Thailand) Research and Development Section encourages close communication and constant technological information exchanges with research and development centers in Japan and Kao’s worldwide locating in 26 countries.
Kao will continue to concentrate its comprehensive strength in developing new technologies and products and will contribute for the development of a wide range of industries globally.

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