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水性インクジェット用顔料インク ルナジェット®

水性インクジェット用顔料インク ルナジェット®

水性インクジェット用顔料インク ルナジェット®


What is LUNAJET®?

LUNAJET® is a water-based pigment inkjet ink utilizing Kao's unique pigment nano-dispersion technology, interface control technology, polymer design technology, and polymer coating technology to reduce VOC emissions.
This ink has the wettability, jetting stability, quick drying properties and redispersibility required for film printing, and achieves high-quality, VOC-free printing, helping to reduce the impact on the work environment in printing process as well as the natural environment.

Printing solutions

LUNAJET® uses a unique polymer developed by Kao to achieve printing on a variety of substrates.





Are inkjet usable for flexible packaging printing?

You would have come across stylish packaging while out shopping. This is one of the pleasures of going shopping. While we often seek convenience by making purchases online, part of the fun of shopping is making those instinctive purchases based on the packaging...

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