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Kao’s sustainable-chemical products contribute to the sustainability of society through technical innovation

Kao’s sustainable-chemical products

Kao offers products that can reduce environmental impacts during the production and usage of chemical products. We define these products are as sustainable-chemical products. Currently, sustainable-chemically related products constitute 70% of our chemical business and are used globally in a wide range of industrial fields.
With economic growth and societal advancement, in which developing countries play a pivotal role, environmental problems are expected to increase in severity. Through the globally expanding chemical business, Kao is contributing solutions to the global environmental problems while creating value for our customers.

We introduce some of the sustainable-chemical products developed thus far by our chemical business that contribute to societal sustainability.

Kao’s new silica dispersion improver contributes to CO2 reduction by balancing both fuel-efficient and wet-grip performances to the highest possible quality standards by using Bridgestone Corporation’s basic technology and Kao’s interface control technology.

Kao’s low-temperature fixing toner reduces electricity consumption by fixing toner to paper at lower temperatures than those previously possible.

Kao’s steel-sheet detergent and rinse contributes to reducing energy consumption during steel-sheet production processes by removing oil with hot water at a lower temperature than that previously required. 

Kao’s de-inking agent contributes to effective recycling resources by removing printing ink when producing recycled paper from waste paper. 

Kao’s molten metal runner which is employed the waste paper contributes to resource recycling and waste reduction by enabling a reduction in the amount of waste left over after the production of castings.

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